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Access to the MISO Extranet requires one or more non-disclosure agreements.  Access to the Closed Committees and/or Reliability Authority area also requires RA approval.

To request access to one or more areas of the Extranet, please send an email to Client Relations and indicate which area(s) you wish to access in the Subject line of your email.

    • Closed Committees (CEII / UNDA as Transmission/Reliability)
    • Balancing Authority Task Team (CEII/UNDA)
    • EMS Models (UNDA)
    • Flowgate Information (CEII / UNDA)
    • GI Facilities Studies (CEII / UNDA)
    • PSR Drill Information (CEII)
    • Reliability Authority (CEII / UNDA as Transmission/Reliability)

Additional NDA information and forms can be found on our website.

Reliability Authority Activation Instructions


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