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Planning Models

Transmission system models provide the foundation for our planning process. We build reliability (Powerflow and Dynamics) and economic models to support the core planning functions necessary to ensure compliance with our Tariff and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards. We employ a collaborative stakeholder driven process to develop assumptions that ensure appropriate modeling of future transmission system scenarios. Models are also coordinated with our neighboring entities to ensure systems are accurately represented across our seams.

Process and Timeline

Models developed by MISO are used for a variety of near-term and long-term planning studies. On an annual basis, we build models to represent a 10 year planning horizon. The modeling process begins in September and concludes the following August. Our staff reviews the data provided by stakeholders for reasonableness, and compiles it into a set of models. Throughout the process, we review models for reasonableness of data and performance. Stakeholders review draft models and provide us with feedback before they become final.

Our Modeling Tools

  • Siemens PTI Model on Demand (MOD) database
  • Siemens PSS/E for Powerflow and Dynamics
  • Ventyx PowerBase database and PROMOD for economic studies

Our Models


  • Current year for summer, fall, winter and spring
  • 2-year out summer peak and light load
  • 5-year out summer peak, winter peak, shoulder and light load
  • 10-year out summer peak load


  • Utilizes the 5-year out summer peak, shoulder and light load, and 10-year out summer peak powerflow cases

Economic (PowerBase)

  • Utilizes current, 5-year and 10-year summer topology

Model Development Schedules




MISO issues dynamics data request


Stakeholders complete dynamics updates and send to MISO


MISO posts draft PSSE and TSAT models for review. Stakeholder review starts.


Stakeholders comments on draft models due to MISO


MISO incorporates changes from draft review


MISO posts final PSSE and TSAT models




 PAC reviews futures


 MTEP19 Futures Workshop


 PAC review generator siting methodology

 08/01/2018- 09/30/2018

 EPUG reviews Expansion Results & Preliminary Siting


 Model Posted without future RRF units for stakeholder review




 Stakeholder feedback on PROMOD model due

 Model Posted with future RRF units for stakeholder review

 Stakeholder feedback on PROMOD model due


 Finalize MTEP19 PROMOD model



 Responsible     Party


 LSE, TO, and GO data request sent



 Model On Demand reference models posted



 Generator data due to Model On Demand



 Load profiles  due to Model On Demand



 Transmission project , BLG profile, and device profile data due to Model On Demand



 Topology and Load Pass  model posted for review


 10/17/2017 – 11/1/2017

 Review Topology and Load Pass models    / updates to MOD

 LSE, TO, and GO


 Review Pass 3 models posted for review


 12/27/2017 - 01/31/2018

 Review of Review Pass models, respond to data checks  / updates to MOD.

 LSE, TO, and GO


 Final MTEP models completed / posted