MISO Model Manager

The MISO Model Manager project will enable MISO members to provide modeling data to MISO to maintain accurate power system models that are used by our real-time and market operations. MISO modeling systems requires modernization to meet future performance, usability, reliability, and security needs.

MISO will require members to transition to the new modeling system. This change is part of the larger Market System Enhancement (MSE) program to modernize the MISO Energy & Ancillary Services Market system.

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The initial phases of the project will replace Extranet Modeling Webtool and Commercial model Attachment B model data submittal processes with MISO Model Manager and implement integrations with downstream model consumers. The MISO Model Manager is the Siemens Smart Grid Engineering Manager application which will be configured to MISO’s specifications.

Future phases of the project will integrate Operating horizon and Planning horizon processes to enable members to submit modeling data once to MISO for inclusion in all applicable models.

MISO Model Manager will NOT be used to gather MISO energy and ancillary services market data that data is submitted via the Market User Interface (MUI). Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) models are a combination of operations and planning information. FTR models will not be made from Model Manager at this time. Planning horizon model are not included in the current phase of the project. Model On Demand will still be used for Planning model data submittal.

Please see Status Updates below for latest schedule information

MISO Model Manager is an extensible and scalable modeling system that can adapt rapidly to the modeling needs of a changing power grid. Current modeling processes are inefficient, and the cost to expand the model is high. The MISO Model Manager project will standardize and centralize the collection, organization and distribution of model data into MISO’s reliability, markets and planning functions.

The project will enable more frequent model updates and allow members to submit data only once for multiple MISO processes. It provides cost efficiencies through automation of model build processes and market efficiencies through improved validation of model data within a single source.

Members will be able to submit Network and Commercial model data to MISO with improved data visualization and validation. MISO Model Manager will provide members’ with timely feedback on data quality and completeness. Model change review status will be provided to members so you know your changes will be included in the models.

Methods and data formats to submit modeling data to MISO will be changing. Model data changes will be submitted via graphical user interface or Common Information Model (CIM) standards based XML formatted files. An application programming interface (API) will also be available to enable members to submit data from machine to machine.

The need to provide network and commercial model changes to MISO per modeling schedules.


  • Single system of record for operations, planning and market model data
  • Common Information Model (CIM) standardizes data definitions
  • Front-end data validation and visualization
  • Process automation with reduced building costs
  • Monthly model updates that reduce uncertainty
  • Standardizes data exchange with the EMS and market system that reduces model propagation costs


  • Eliminates duplicate model data submissions
  • Graphical interface facilitates review and submission of model updates
  • Reduces manual data processing


  • Efficient scaling of models for new market products, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and renewables
  • Integrated ratings process
  • Modeling data source to support members’ model updates

MISO provides stakeholders updates on the MMM at monthly Modeling User Group (MUG) meetings.  Training opportunities will also be communicated through this forum.  For notifications on meeting and materials, please sign up for the Modeling User Group distribution list under your MISO profile.

On-line training is available in MISO Learning Center. The instructor lead training sessions have been recorded and videos are posted on MUG extranet page. See latest Status Updates below for future training sessions.