Market System Enhancement

MISO’s Market System Enhancement (MSE) endeavor, spanning from 2017 to 2025, transforms MISO’s market technology into a more flexible, more secure system that allows for faster adoption of new technologies. 

Major MSE projects include: 

  • MISO Model Manager, which enables MISO members to provide modeling data to MISO to maintain accurate power system models (Expected completion in 2025) 
  • Operator Interface, which will assist operators and stakeholders with communication and reliability (Expected completion in 2023) 
  • Upgraded Energy Management System, which allows operators to monitor and analyze the health of the Bulk Electric System and to fulfill MISO’s NERC-certified roles (Completed in 2022) 
  • New Market User Interface, which allows Market Participants to transact with the MISO Energy & Ancillary Services Market. (Completed in 2021) 

MSE initiatives better support the regions evolving generation mix as well as future processes for operating electricity markets. This on-going work is a critical element of MISO’s Reliability Imperative.   

MSE Quarterly program updates occur at Market Subcommittee meetings and at Board of Directors meetings.