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Resource Adequacy

In the MISO region, customer-facing utilities are responsible for making sure they can meet customer needs. We support this responsibility by providing secure and reliable ways for utilities to buy or sell capacity.

In support of our goal to ensure resource adequacy, we aim to maintain confidence in the attainability of resource adequacy at all times. We provide optimal markets and enough transparency to build confidence in our resource adequacy assessments.

Planning Resource Auction (PRA)

This voluntary annual capacity auction provides a way for Market Participants to meet resource adequacy requirements. The location-specific approach of the PRA encourages resources to take part in the zones where they provide the most benefit.

2019 LMR Registration Survey

This Load Modifying Resource (LMR) registration survey is required for all Market Participants planning to register an LMR for the upcoming 2019-2020 Planning Year. The purpose of this survey is to collect the Monthly Availability and Notification Times of LMRs, as required by the recent LMR Filing (ER19-650-000) with FERC.

MISO plans for Market Participants to be able to submit the following business day after the conclusion of the Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC) meeting on February 6th, in anticipation of FERC acceptance.

This survey must be completed for each LMR registered by a Market Participant by the March 1st registration deadline, pending FERC’s acceptance of the RAN LMR filing. Additional information regarding the LMR filing may be found in the FAQ document below.

Coordinated Seasonal Assessment (CSA) 

The CSA evaluates the performance of the MISO transmission system under anticipated near-term loading conditions for summer and winter peak seasons. MISO members and neighboring planning entities work with MISO planners and provide feedback on the study scope, modeling and outage updates, and analysis review. The assessment highlights potential system limitations and issues in the upcoming seasons to help system operators develop preventative actions and comfirm past experiences or assumptions.

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