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Resource Adequacy

As an RTO, one of MISO’s key functions is to facilitate the availability of adequate resources to reliably meet the peak demand in the MISO region. MISO’s Resource Adequacy construct complements the jurisdiction that regulatory authorities have in determining the necessary level of adequacy and works in concert with Load Serving Entities (“LSEs”) that provide demand forecasts that help drive the development of local and regional requirements.

Planning Resource Auction (PRA)

This voluntary annual capacity auction provides a way for Market Participants to meet resource adequacy requirements. The location-specific approach of the PRA encourages resources to be available when needed in the right locations in an economic and efficient manner.

Seasonal Resource Assessments 

MISO conducts seasonal resource assessments to evaluate potential resource adequacy risks for the upcoming season. These assessments evaluate projected near-term available capacity under probable and extreme peak load forecasts and historical generator outage conditions for each season. The assessments highlight potential issues in the upcoming seasons to help system operators and stakeholders prepare for potential strained system conditions and develop preventative actions.

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