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Client Services and Readiness (CS&R)

MISO is committed to providing excellent customer service to its market participants, members and stakeholder community.  Our Client Services and Readiness team created the MISO Help Center to help answer questions about:

  • MISO markets
  • Bids and offers
  • Settlements
  • Market Participant training
  • Market-based user applications
  • Secure access requests and non-disclosure agreements
  • Website navigation

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Access Secure Files and Documents

Upcoming Change Notice:  Access Request submission will be moved to the MISO Help Center, where you will be able to submit and track your request for access to restricted content.

To access the Extranet area of this site or any of the following external sites you must meet certain requirements and sign one or more non-disclosures agreements.

To initiate the process, complete and submit the online Access Request Form.  You must have a user profile to access secure content on any of our sites. 

Protected External Sites/Files:


Available NDAs

Please view Non-Disclosure Agreement Types and Instructions or contact the Help Center at Help@misoenergy.org if you have any questions.

Please note, ONLY authorized individuals designated by certified MISO Members, Market Participants, and Authorized Agencies are eligible to execute these agreements.  MISO will not consider alternations to these forms unless a party can demonstrate a legal prohibition from complying with a NDA provision.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Types and Instructions 

PDF Forms for Preview

Preview CEII NDA

Preview Universal NDA

Preview Attachment EE NDA

Preview Universal Planning NDA Sector Member

Online Forms


Attachment EE Form of NDA for Business Units

Universal Planning NDA Sector Member


Universal NDA - Appendix A
Counsel Certification for Authorized Agency - Appendix A

Data Request - Change Notice

Data Request submission has been moved to the MISO Help Center, where you will be able to submit and track your requests for data.  If you do not have access to the Help Center, please submit a Request Help Center Access request for access.


Contact Us

Visit our Help Center for answers to common questions. We are also available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET at 866-296-6476 (option 3). If you have a Technical IT related issue (i.e., system access, bid/offer submissions, missing/inaccurate data reports, etc.), our Network Operations Center can be reached 24X7 at NOC@misoenergy.org, or by phone at 866-296-6476 (option 1).
Please see the attached list for your assigned Client Services and Readiness team member