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Our Standards and Assurance department collaborates with Market Participants on activities that assist in meeting compliance obligations, thus decreasing the overall compliance burden to our customers.  This page contains resources to assist in locating compliance related information relevant to our business relationship.  Additional information about MISO’s overall compliance program can be found on our internal Code of Conduct page. Contact us with any compliance-related questions. 

Obligations and Coordinated Functional Registrations (CFR)

As an Interchange Authority (IA), Planning Coordinator (PC), Reliability Coordinator (RC), Transmission Service Provider (TSP), and Balancing Authority (BA), MISO is responsible for ensuring compliance with the NERC standards and requirements applicable to these functions, with exception of those requirements otherwise delineated by: 

Additionally, MISO is responsible for certain MOD standards dealing with the calculation and management of transfer capability.  Execute MISO's Coordinated Functional Registration (MOD CFR) agreement for select MOD Standards then reach us via email to submit the executed signature page or with any questions regarding agreement execution. 


Market Participants use attestations or written documents  to confirm their compliance with the regulatory standards of the Electric Reliability Organization and its regional compliance monitors.

NERC allows MISO members to complete self-attestations of compliance through the use of Compliance Application Notice (CAN)-0030 Attestations.

Under certain situations where MISO is the logical source for compliance verification, Standards and Assurance may provide our customers with individualized attestations. If this is the case, please complete the attestation request form and contact Standards and Assurance


NERC Standards and Compliance Resources

Find compliance-related resources most requested by MISO stakeholders below.  For compliance and standards development questions or comments contact Standards and Assurance

Learn more about the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

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