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Issue Submission Form

This form is to recommend new issues not yet in the stakeholder process or modifications to previously assigned issues. Please direct any questions to StakeholderRelations@misoenergy.org


Instructions and Process:

  1. All fields must be completed to successfully submit.
  2. Receipt of submission will be acknowledged via email.
  3. MISO will work with the requestor to ensure understanding of the issue and next steps.

Issue Information

Issue Relationship and Dependencies

Is the proposed issue related to an existing issue in any way (amendment, addition, etc.)?
Is it dependent on the completion of an existing issue or the deployment of a specific technology?
Is this a new or modified issue?
Is there a specific deadline for resolution?

Issue Impacts

Markets (Select all that may apply)
Resource Adequacy (Select all that may apply)
Planning and/or Cost Allocation

Proposed Solutions

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