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Current Grid Conditions


Glossary of Terms:

Hot Weather Alert:

The Hot Weather Alert tells members to prepare for extreme weather conditions. The alert is triggered when projected temperatures exceed specific, pre-determined criteria. Additional information can be found in MISO's Conservative System Operations procedure.

Capacity Advisory:

The MISO Capacity Advisory is a communication tool used for situational awareness. The message informs MISO members that, based on projected system conditions and capacity levels, there may be a need in the coming days to bring additional units on-line. Members are instructed to prepare for this possibility.

Conservative Operations:

When declaring Conservative Operations the goal is to maximize MISO's ability to operate the Bulk Electric System during periods of extreme weather conditions and other abnormal circumstances. This declaration provides an early indication that system conditions may require emergency procedures or conservative operations.

Max Gen Alert:

The Maximum Generation Alert is used to communicate system conditions for operational awareness. The declaration informs MISO members that system conditions may require the use of MISO’s generation emergency procedures. 


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