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Our Strategy

Our Vision: The most reliable, value-creating RTO

Our Mission: Work collaboratively and transparently with our stakeholders to enable reliable delivery of low-cost energy through efficient, innovative operations and planning

Our Strategic Plan focuses on three areas through which we believe MISO will provide the most value. We will work with our members and market participants to develop innovative market solutions, helping them navigate the regulatory landscapes of the future. We will continue to create alliances with our customers as we strive to better understand their needs and how we can provide value in the coming years. Finally, we will use our 360-degree view of the transmission system and the industry at large to provide data and analysis that enable our stakeholders to make knowledgeable, impactful decisions that will result in lower-cost energy for customers throughout the MISO region. 

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MISO Forward

Our market vision is to foster wholesale electric markets that deliver reliable and economically efficient outcomes.