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Introducing the MISO-InnoCentive Innovation Challenge

MISO is excited to announce a series of crowdsourcing innovation challenges in 2020. We want you to know the basics of what they are, why we are doing them, and explore the topical areas of MISO’s business that require creative and collaborative innovation solutions.

MISO has some of the brightest minds in the bulk electric system industry, specifically in power systems engineering, large-scale network management, and the associated operational needs of the most reliable, value-creating RTO working at our four locations. We are also humble enough to know there can be creative solutions to some of our tough questions about operating the future grid or leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies that could come from outside of our company or even our industry.



We are excited to announce that MISO has partnered with the leading innovation platform company, InnoCentive to host crowdsource innovation challenges. InnoCentive has a network of 400,000+ global solvers and they have worked with energy entities like Enel (Europe’s largest electric utility), the U.S. Department of Energy, and ARPA-E.

The Challenge Process

Each challenge is a 16-week process, consisting of challenge release, submission, response review, and final recommendation. The first challenge launched in May 2020, Future Innovation of the U.S. Electric Grid, was a broad ideation exercise originating from the MISO Forward report on the role of an RTO in a 3D world with diverse utility business models. Our second challenge addressed Situational Awareness and Data Visualization in MISO's Operation of the Future. Our third challenge, Situational Awareness in a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Enabled Grid is open through October 5, 2020.

How to Participate

Register on the InnoCentive site to join their solver community and learn more about the MISO challenge.



Nate Cooper
Senior Venture Analyst, Strategic Technology Ventures

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